The One-Page Screenplay: Diablo Cody's Father Approved


Welcome back to Movieline's One-Page Screenplay project: the only place in the universe serving up single-page masterpieces from Hollywood's top screenwriters. You think one-page screenwriting is easy? It's a lot harder than it looks. They say that if you can't capture the audience's interest by the first syllable, you've already lost the game.

Not that that's a problem for this week's superstar contributor. Perusing our growing catalog, I was struck by a lack of two things: 1. Female voices, and 2. Oscar™ winners. Well, I'm thrilled to announce that today's entry remedies both of those issues, and quite spectacularly so. That's right, ladies and gentleman: You know her as Juno's life-giver, the great emancipator of The United States of Tara, the one, the only, Diablo Cody!

The Official MySpace Bio:

Status: In a Relationship

Here for: Networking, Friends

Orientation: Not Sure

Hometown: Lemont, IL

Body type: Body builder

Religion: Catholic

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Occupation: Cocksucker

The One-Page Screenplay:


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