Evan Rachel Wood Tells Us About Her True Blood Lesbian Vampire Queen

As promised, Movieline hit up the Young Hollywood Awards last night, a ceremony dedicated to honoring Tinseltown's best and brightest (and youngest!). We witnessed heartfelt acceptance speeches and a knockout performance by Naturi Naughton from the upcoming Fame remake before moving on to a DJ AM-spun afterparty that Young Hollywood Artist of the Year Adam Lambert prefaced with, "I hope somebody buys me a drink." No need, Adam -- they were free!

First up in our series of red carpet video interviews from the event is Evan Rachel Wood, who was receiving the Young Hollywood Superstar award (presented by Patricia Clarkson) but took the time to talk to Movieline about her splashy season two performance as the vampire queen of True Blood, a role she'd been unable to discuss until now.

Find out about her take on the character and her impending lesbian love interest in the video below:

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  • Juancho says:

    I can't watch the video at work, but if she didn't refer to her past relationship as Marilyn Manson as hands-on training for this role, I'm severely disappointed.

  • stretch65 says:

    yes- she useds to be the one Manson would feed from...

  • JessicaL.A. says:

    All you haters can suck it. Vampire style, Ha! True Blood is the best show on TV right now and I almost died and went to heaven when I heared Evan Rachel Wood was joining the cast! She is a beyond brilliant actress and I am just over the moon about this. I Know she will do an amazing job. Thank you casting directors for making a great show 10x more interesting by adding her! Can't wait!!!

  • snickers says:

    Very-special-lesbian-episodes on TV are more dated than vampires.

  • Force10rulz says:

    YEA, finally a lesbian on the show, I hope they keep her around for S3!