Ghostbusters 3 Inches Closer to Reality


I just got off the phone with Harold Ramis, whose comments about the prospects for Ghostbusters 3 (a/k/a Dan Aykroyd's Christmas Wish) dovetailed cleanly with some other franchise news making the rounds today. Movieline will have more with Ramis next week in advance of his new release Year One, but for now, it seems like a lovely day to go hang out by the rumor mill.

Most of the recent update at /film speaks for itself, but a few key points specifically stand out. First, I love the idea of a Supreme Jury of Aykroyd, Ramis, Bill Murray, Ivan Reitman and Sony/Columbia, all needing to achieve unanimity of approval if Ghostbusters 3 is to be a reality. Any one party can veto the project with wizened finger across his throat (Murray's known to have an objection or two), but at least there's a script, and Reitman seems to be in.

Which might be problematic for Jake Kasdan, whom the report cites as an even more actively interested helmer. Jake Kasdan! He was, like, 9 years old when the first film came out! He's probably just psyched about firing a proton pack. Nooo, thanks.

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