Child Exploitation Accusations! BAM! Alleged Infidelity! BAM!


Yes, we are aware that NBC has the most buzzed about reality show of the summer, but The Hills: Jungle Love Edition is on TV more often than I Love Lucy reruns so we'll skip a night here and there. Instead, we'll be watching Chef Emeril Lagasse make a visit to the Gosselin household. Will his trademark blend of sass and culinary expertise spice things up? Our sources say no.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 [9 PM, TLC]

The parade of Food Network stars continues as Emeril visits the Jon, Kate and their huddled masses and gives the family cooking lessons in the 100th episode of the series. Now that the show is open to many different readings, we're thinking that this is that stage in the relationship where you really don't like the other person yet you can still keep up appearances if there are guests around. Sure, you fight like hell on the ride home, but for the couple hours at the engagement party everything is golden. Bobby Flay, you're next.

Reba [8 PM, Lifetime]

Most people forget that this mostly traditional sitcom premiered a month after 9/11, which might explain why it lasted five seasons. It was a moment when America was told to appreciate the wholesome, no-nonsense image of Reba McEntire, and combined with a cast of strong (but not all that famous) supporting characters, the producers allowed issues like divorce and teen pregnancy to co-exist with setup-setup-punchline rhythms. In this episode, a neighbor nixes a playdate when she finds out Reba's daughter Cheyenne (Joanna Garcia) is preggers. Time for "The Queen of Country" to lay the smack down.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson [12:35 AM, CBS]

Guests: Kevin Bacon, Michael Irvin. Kevin discussed his recent financial woes with Leno in mid-May, but then his BlackBerry got jacked. Losing a large investment is bad, but not being able to play BrickBreaker on a Downtown E train is a punishment far worse than anything Bernie Madoff could have wrought. Also, circle your calendars for Thursday, when Larry King makes his first actual appearance on Late Late. Ferguson occasionally does an outlandish impression of King that will hopefully be discussed.


Singin' in the Rain [9:30 PM, TCM]

We sometimes take for granted that everyone has seen the classics, but after meeting someone this weekend who had never seen Godfather II or Welcome to the Dollhouse, the important works of American and World cinema should start appearing more often in this space. In this musical, Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) finds himself between a rock and a hard place as silent films become talkies and his co-star (Jean Hagen) talks like she swallowed a helium-filled hamster. His incredibly gifted friend Cosmo (Donald O'Connor) and new flame Kathy (Debbie Reynolds) lend helping hands and sonorous voices as the new era of filmmaking begins. After watching this dozens of times, it still feels like there are in-jokes about the early film industry that we are probably not getting, though they would probably only merit a slight nod.


  • Inhaler says:

    The only time I ever enjoyed Reba on-screen was her role as Heather Gummer, Michael Gross' faithful yet spunky lady friend in Tremors.