Buzz Break: The Beat Regeneration


· At right, your first look at James Franco as Hot Allen Ginsberg in Howl.

· Heather Graham has opened up about her love of tantric sex and transcendental meditation, making it all the stranger that the prompt for her revelation was, "What was it like to work with Ed Helms?"

· The Tonys are very, very important to the whole country because they are about shows you can only see in one tiny neighborhood in one state, and also because Bret Michaels hit his head.

· Past Emmy winner Terry O'Quinn has declined to submit his name for this year's awards, though we're pretty sure that the man in the coffin on stage will turn out to be him.

· Presented without further embellishment, this top headline from People: "Susan Boyle Reunites with Cat Pebbles and Preps for Career."