Our Commenters of the Week Win Elisabeth Shue, Professional Gym Spotter


Hey gym bunnies, how are your reps? Your delts? Your quads? (Any of this making sense? I'm totally fumbling in the dark here.) If they need a little work, why not let the newly buff Elisabeth Shue give you a hand? That's just the useful prize we're handing out to the writers of this week's five best comments. Now, finally, they'll have an opportunity to build up muscles that are tragically underutilized by typical home row technique.

So who are our winners?

Inhaler on Thai Police on David Carradine: 'He May Have Died From Masturbation': Has the five-point-palm-exploding-heart technique been completely ruled out?

el smrtmnky on 90210 Promo Pastes New Actor's Head Onto Fired Actor's Body: Have you seen the show? They're badly photoshopped INTO each episode.

andreazuckerman-vasquez on Susan Boyle: What Happens Now?: Watching 30 Rock on Thursday, I realized that Susan Boyle is Kathy Geiss. Susan Boyle will be running GE in six months.

JudgeFudge on Buzz Break: Adventures in Benchpressing: "You liked Leaving Las Vegas, punk? Well you know what won't be leaving? The pain when these guns hit your head! Just call me City of Paingels. You like Palmetto? Well wait till my palm-met-o-your face, bitch! The only Hollow Man I see is you, and you're going to break like glass when the Shue gets done with you..."

Holly on The One-Page Screenplay: Jeff Lowell's The Socialite And The Guy With The Real Job: What's Hotel for Dogs about, anyway?

Congratulations to our winners!