New Sensations

Another week down at Movieline HQ, where Rupert Murdoch's new deputy made us a little hungry, a few nights on the town kept us entertained, we welcomed a new era for The Tonight Show and we swept out an old era with Speidi. And that's just for starters. Share all the memories after the jump.

· Hey -- look who stopped by to talk this week: Francis Ford Coppola. Norman Lear, Seth MacFarlane and Phil Rosenthal (twice!). Todd Phillips (twice again!). Phyllis Diller. And Rutina Wesley. Thanks all!

· We were on the scene at Scott Caan's book launch and Edie Falco's Nurse Jackie premiere.

· Conan O'Brien Tonight Show debut went even better in practice than it did in theory. Must have been the swell, Super Mario-influenced set backdrop.

· What did Sacha Baron Cohen's Eminem ambush have in common with this week's One-Page Screenplay? They're both obviously scripted.

· Susan Boyle and Heidi Montag inched ever closer to indefinite pop-cultural exile.

· Why is John Kerry menacing Shia LaBeouf in the new Transformers film, anyway? And who appointed the Pringles mascot the new second-in-command at News Corp.?

· David Carradine, RIP.

· Ladies! When you're done parsing this summer's best and worst movie posters, we put together a seasonal filmgoing guide just for you.

· My Life in Ruins: Bad for women comics, bad for the gays.

· Let Hollywood have its deathless Barbarella remake -- just keep its hands away from the inimitable, forgotten '80s classic The Hidden.