Movieline's Helpful Advice for Amateur Film Critic Ed Koch

OK, here is something great: former NYC mayor Ed Koch has now begun to do his amateur film criticism on video, and the results are amazing (though when is he going to review Outrage, hmm?). The description to one of his videos: "Former New York City mayor Ed Koch reviews the Benny Boom film Next Day Air and does not enjoy it one bit, particularly due to its racist portrayals of young men in the inner city. He gives the film a 'minus.'" Amazing, although he has so far given every film a "minus" ("Former New York City mayor Ed Koch reviews the new Star Trek film...and is not impressed. He misses Shatner and Nimoy").

Still, as much as we're loving these videos, we have some tips for the "uh"-prone politico.

Let's start with his review of Angels & Demons, shall we? The video is below, but here's a transcript of Koch's opening salvo:

"Hi?! I'm Ed Koch. The, uh, movie that I saw, uh, about a week or so, uh, ago, uh, Angels & Demons, uh, was characterized by some as Anti-Catholic. Uh, but the, uh, Vatican official newspaper, uh, said, uh, that it wasn't necessarily anti-Catholic, but it was a bad movie. [Giddy] And they were right! Uh, a very, uh, bad movie -- incomprehensible in part, and where it was understandable, uh, who cared?"

Our tips on the rest of the review:

· Maybe not so much with the "uhs."

· Ewan McGregor's name is pronounced "You-ehn," not "Eee-wahn" as though he's voicing the leader of the Ewoks.

· You're spending too much time on summary, Ed! No one cares about the plot of Angels & Demons. I want to know more about the small, cheap restaurants you love in Rome, and your anger over them not being featured in this cinematic potboiler.

In summation, Ed, you may disregard the aforementioned advice if you pair up with Ben Lyons onscreen and periodically swat him like an old curmudgeon.

· Angels and Demons (2009) movie review by Ed Koch []


  • icallthebigonebitey says:

    Kyle, don't give this horrible excuse for a human being any free publicity. He's a self-loathing, bitter old fag who refuses to acknowledge his homosexuality even at this late date. Unless you count strutting down a catwalk on a SATC episode as "coming out".

  • Inhaler says:

    Personally, I have to give his suspenders a "minus."