B-R-Ü-N-O, und Brüno Vaz His Name-O: Universal Responds To Bingo Lawsuit


Another summer, another Sacha Baron Cohen movie, another parade of lawsuits. Well, just one so far, but more are almost certainly coming, including a class action undertaken of behalf of 173 million heterosexual men exposed to the psychically damaging effects of a male Brazilian wax projected on a 30-by-70-foot screen.

In the meantime, however, Universal's legal department will have to attend to the less daunting matter of Richelle Olson, herself the alleged victim of a horrible bingo mishap after Cohen -- in the guise of his alter-ego Brüno -- hijacked a Palmdale charity event, resulting in total chaos and multiple ink-dabbing injuries.

The studio has now issued their official statement on the suit, for which she is due unspecified damages for two "brain bleeds" that have kept her wheelchair- and walker-bound ever since. (Sounds like a bingo-player to me.)

Here it is:

"The allegations made by Richelle and Lance Olson in their complaint are completely baseless. Filmed footage of the full encounter, which took place more than two years ago, clearly shows that Ms. Olson was never touched or in any way assaulted by Sacha Baron Cohen or any member of the production and suffered no injury. If the Olsons elect to proceed with their frivolous action, we expect each of the defendants to be fully vindicated."

We'd say Mrs. Olson might be better served were she to team up with another Brüno victim, popular hip hop star Eminem, who is still suffering from a debilitating case of whiplash after the fashion journalist's bällzenscrötem accidentally slapped him in the face at a recent Hollywood function.

· Studio: Bruno Lawsuit Is "Baseless" [Us]


  • Inhaler says:

    Imagine the great footage they could get of Brüno in court for the supplemental DVD content.

  • Liz Lemonazi says:

    Hold it. Only heterosexual men suffer from a giant brazilian-waxed weinerschluben (please add umlaut)? Come now, no proper lady will walk away unscathed.