Titanic Indeed: James Cameron Joins CAA


· James Cameron has closed a deal with CAA, his first with any agency in 15 years. The Death Star was already packaging his next film as producer, Sanctum; Cameron's next directing project has yet to be determined. Negotiations were said to be loud, sloppily written and about 30 minutes too long, but they also broke new ground in terms of budget and mind-blowing 3-D animation. [Variety]

But WME won't be outdone! Nor will Will Ferrell, nor... Jean-Luc Godard? They're all after the jump.

· WME packed away the opening-week party favors and got down to business, pulling Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz away from CAA in the agency's first major post-merger signing. Mazel tov! [THR]


· Will Ferrell's appearance Tuesday on an icy, snowy Man Vs. Wild sprung the show to a 2.2 rating, its best-ever showing by far. As such, Discovery is considering other movie tie-ins for future episodes -- possibly as early as next month, in fact, with Bear Grylls joining Sacha Baron Cohen in Palmdale for 200 hours' worth of remorseful roadside garbage collection. [The Live Feed]

· Pierce Brosnan and Lena Olin are in talks to play Robert Pattinson's parents in his upcoming drama Remember Me. [Variety]


· Terrence Howard will partner with Radical Media for Pigs and Panthers, a TV drama about an undercover LAPD detective who infiltrated the Black Panthers in the late '60s. Probably not starring: Don Cheadle. [Variety]

· French New Wave pioneer Jean-Luc Godard either wants an Oscar or has run out of ideas: At age 78, he's eyeing an adaptation of the nonfiction Holocaust chronicle The Lost: The Search for Six of Six Million. Expect Harvey Weinstein to have this funded and in development by the end of the day. [THR]