Showrunner's Terminator Rant Draws 1 Share, Canceled After Five Paragraphs


Josh Friedman, writer and executive producer of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, naturally isn't very happy about Fox having recently canceled his show. So he did what any aggrieved creative type might do: He blogged about it. And blogged. And blogged. And... well, you know. If you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to have a network cut you off, and you have a spare hour or so, then this is the must-read for you. If not, but you're still curious, an inspired excerpt follows the jump.

Take the experience of having your office visited by the heirs who would step over your corpse to deliver moving boxes -- just add a few more metaphors:

I was starting to feel like Grandma's hand-knit afghan at the garage sale that starts out a keepsake you couldn't part with but ends up as the substitute for styrofoam peanuts when you need to wrap up the six matching sunflower pattern kitchen glasses your mother gave you when you left for college.

Eventually I cracked and started taking the whole thing personally. I'd hear them coming and start screaming "Vultures! Vultures! Come in vultures!" It was that John Irving novel with the orphans and the older ones just know they're fucked and they start rejecting the parents before they can be rejected--

(It's here that I just want to note that I haven't read "that John Irving novel" but I'm pretty sure I saw a movie based on "a John Irving novel" and I feel like that scene was in the movie and should've been if it wasn't.)

--I really did this. Forget the John Irving thing. I really did yell this at people. No one thought it was funny. Well. I did.

If television isn't just another sausage you don't want to see being made, you probably ought to check this out. Please let me know how it ends.

· Boy in the Bubble [Josh Friedman via Vulture]


  • Inhaler says:

    "Ohh Kenley? We've found your male counterpart."

  • Kelvin G says:

    Basically the whole post is a self absorbed diatribe on how none of the circumstances that caused the show's demise was his fault. He blames his wife for the 25 pounds he gained and WB/FOX for killing his show. He was just a helpless victim even though he was Executive Producer.
    He contradicts himself and exposes himself as a total liar. He tells the story of how he cleaned out his office and left the lot, the very last one to do so. He adds he held out after all had gone. He even mentioned the show asn't cancelled yet, but he is cleaning out his office.....
    Later he adds he didn't know anything before May 18th, which is it Josh? If you want to read a really rebuttal go here