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In all this Goodbye Jay, Hello Conan talk, one man who's been lost in the shuffle is Jimmy Kimmel. The drinking man's late night host, Kimmel's egalitarian style translates well to primetime, which might explain why ABC is deploying him again to put on a few specials around the NBA Finals. The Orlando Magic-Los Angeles Lakers series starts tonight, and thus you get your Kimmel a few hours earlier.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night [8 PM, ABC]

During tonight's early show, Kimmel welcomes Will Ferrell and Justin Timberlake, and Eminem is supposed to do a comedy segment, though we hope it's funny enough that its veracity does not require extensive debate. The game starts at 9 PM - we're taking the Lakers in five games - and then Kimmel returns after the news with Thomas Haden Church, Ed Helms and 311.

Hollywood's Best Film Directors: Francis Ford Coppola [8:30 PM, Reelz]

This channel, buried deep in the larger cable packages, is usually a rubber stamp for film promotion but occasionally they do something original that doesn't feel like a studio publicist was hovering just outside the frame. Coppola may not reveal too many juicy tidbits, but he is supposed to be discussing Brando. Also, catch the Andrew Davis episode if they repeat it. The Fugitive is way underrated, as action films go.

The Listener [10 PM, NBC]

So, listen, this is a show about a handsome guy (Craig Olejnik) with some variation on telepathic powers (a la The Mentalist) but his day job is a paramedic. Altruism is a great thing, no one is doubting that, but if another telepathic powers show goes by without the protagonist using his or her powers for some sort of financial gain, we're done with these shows forever. Yes, Toby is more than human, especially because he can save people's lives with his prescient abilities, but he also is a human, and humans do rude, greedy stuff. Even the nice ones.


Under the Tuscan Sun [8 PM, We]

Diane Lane looks like a billion bucks in this film, and that's pretty much the only reason to watch this oh-so-heartwarming story of a writer who discovers that her husband cheated on her and yada yada Tuscany. It's always been a secret hope that Sandra Oh and Kate Walsh reprise their lesbian relationship from this film on Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice, and that was definitely the first thing that popped into our heads when Walsh showed up at the end of Season One of Grey's. They were so much warmed then.