Angelina Jolie Overtakes Oprah Winfrey on List of Most Powerful Messiah-Complex-Sufferers

In a seismic power shift that sees a talk show she-deity relinquishing her throne to an orphan-farming fertility goddess, Angelina Jolie has overtaken Oprah Winfrey in Forbes annual Celebrity 100 list. While Winfrey's Gross Harpo Product hovered somewhere in the vicinity of $275 million, several mitigating factors put Jolie over the top (eg. producing messianic twins; continuing to keep Brad Pitt around as her indentured Six-Child Turtle Bus stroller-pilot and diaper-mule).

Winfrey, meanwhile, has seen steady audience erosion for her syndicated life-fulfillment program, but with a network on the way, her magazine still selling well, and a $55 million deal with XM radio, she hasn't yet registered with any temp agencies.

From USA Today:

Rounding out the top five on the list are pop icon Madonna ($110 million), singer Beyoncé Knowles ($87 million) and golfer Tiger Woods ($110 million).

Among the newcomers on this year's list: Twilight scribe Stephanie Meyer (No. 26) and country crooner Taylor Swift (No. 69). Meyer, who sold 29 million books and created a vampire frenzy, earned $50 million during the year-long period. Swift was the top-selling U.S. artist of 2008, banking $18 million off of a tour, album sales and endorsement deals.

Barack Obama joins the list as the first sitting head of state to land on the Celebrity 100. The President's historic election last year helped him sell millions of books. He debuts on this year's list at No. 49, with book earnings of $2.5 million for the 12-month period.

To make room for the new entries to the list, 37 bold-faced stars fell off. Among them: J.K. Rowling and Johnny Depp. Rowling lacked a new Harry Potter book, while Depp failed to release or collect on an installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Always a bridesmaid, Susan Boyle. Play your cards right, though, and who knows was 2010 has in store.

· Sorry, Oprah: Jolie is No. 1 in celeb clout, 'Forbes' says [Forbes]


  • JudgeFudge says:

    All hail Queen Angelina! May her next children by triplets, her next piece of oscar bait extra awards-y, and her next shoot-em-up be the bloodiest of them all!

  • NoWireHangers says:

    I shamelessly love both Angelina and Oprah. It's a good thing Oprah is team Aniston because if Angelina was ever on the show cooing about humanitarian causes, my head might explode as the result of the high-pitched squees I would emit.

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  • Colander says:

    That could conceivably work out.

  • Inhaler says:

    Can't those two just genetically merge together and form Opralina™ already?

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