Why is John Kerry Menacing Shia LaBeouf in New Transformers Movie?


On a daily basis, it takes me an incredible suspension of disbelief to realize that all those billboards around town are advertising a $200 million movie about angry, talking robot toys, so forgive me for only just now taking notice of "The Fallen," the Transformers sequel's titular Decepticon (there's that disbelief again...suppress it like you do your urge to fill your shopping cart with Any'tizers, Kyle).

Slashfilm has a high resolution picture of the new villain, and I couldn't help but notice its craggy resemblance to a certain sitting senator and former presidential candidate. Shia, Megan, Josh Duhamel: watch out for that swift boat. It's not what you think it is.

· A Better Look at Transformers 2's The Fallen [Slashfilm]