New Moon, Dudes: A Round-Up of Things Twilight


Like a single droplet of spilled blood turning a roomful of YAVvies (young, affluent vampires) into a pack of hungry predators, so too has the debut of the New Moon trailer ignited a rabid fan feeding-frenzy. No frame has gone unanalyzed, no Taylor Lautner-package unscrutinized.

· In this hilarious interview, closet werenerd Lautner cheesily beats the drum for the sequel. (Why do we get a feeling this dude's gonna be doing the Twilight convention and cruise circuit in 20 years?) Things grow more awkward from there, when Kristen Stewart struggles to find the words to express how proud she is of Taylor for hitting the gym so hard. Cringe. (But the good kind of cringe.) [via ONTD ]

· Some Twilight FREAK froze the trailer and captured a still that reveals Bella wears a thong. So there you have it. Bella: thong-wearer. [ONTD]

· Then again, that's small potatoes compared to MTV, which has frozen 50 consecutive frames and invites your creepy scrutiny. Lives, people. Let's all strive to lead them. [MTV Movies Blog]

· Hey, MTV's not done yet! Here's a carefully considered feature explaining which Twilight actors would be good in Catherine Hardwicke's all-action Hamlet adaptation. Yes, the Catherine Hardwicke who has nothing to do with New Moon. No, we don't get it either. [MTV Movies Blog]

· Here's a picture of Lautner leaving the gym, where his wereshlong is visible beneath his workout pants. Warning: Clicking the link might be illegal. We're not sure. We sure didn't click it! [Queerty]

· Then again, at least he kept his sweatpants on. [People]


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