Michael Sheen Appreciates New Moon's Reprieve From 'Old, Ugly People'


Michael Sheen is all done with his Volturi-boss stint in New Moon, which went exceedingly well if his liberal flow of tweets and other commentary are any indication. But today, in his first interview since fleeing the scene, his scary audience with Dakota Fanning was just a microcosm for the overall blessings of youth on the set. Which is to say, even Frank Langella is apparently no Robert Pattinson.

Or so Sheen alluded to Empire:

"It was quite intimidating being on the set with so many young, beautiful people. That was quite extraordinary being the old, ugly one amongst loads of young, beautiful ones. It's not something I'm used to really. Not because I'm young and beautiful but usually there's loads of old, ugly people around me. It was quite encouraging to see how Robert and Kristin are committed to it, how much they put into it and how serious they are about it. They don't take it lightly at all so that was great to see."

Michael, Michael, Michael. Don't be so hard on yourself! Oh, and Helen Mirren waiting on Line One.

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