James Cameron: A Terminator Sequel That Doesn't Star Arnold? 'That'd Be Stupid'


Though it may seem unfair to kick a sequel when it's down, James Cameron couldn't help but toss a little dust on the underperforming, unliked Terminator Salvation this past weekend. The director talked to a sold-out audience at the Aero in Santa Monica in between 70mm prints of Aliens and The Abyss, and when an audience member asked him what it was like to see a franchise he originated continue with other directors, Cameron knew exactly what the man was getting at.

MarketSaw has the entire podcast of the event, from which we've clipped out Cameron's Terminator response: namely, that Cameron had long ago reconciled himself to the fact that the Terminator rights would go to someone else, but when Arnold Schwarzenegger still wanted to continue with the series for Terminator 3, Cameron advised him to ask for an astronomical payday. After all, he reasoned, no one would be stupid enough to make a Terminator movie that didn't star Schwarzenegger as the lead. Right, McG?

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