Is Heidi Montag Our New, Quitty Susan Boyle?


Here's a question with no great answer: in the NBC reboot of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! (which premiered last night), was Heidi Montag the new a) Susan Boyle or b) Melissa Rivers?

Comparisons to the former might be apt since Montag and Spencer Pratt have stormed off the program and quit, according to TMZ. And also, both Boyle and Montag are noted musicians.

On the other hand, a case could be made that Montag is really the new Melissa Rivers, who suffered a similar breakdown back when ABC first attempted Get Me Out of Here. Then, Rivers was positively shocked to find that she was expected to be the butt of the joke, and flipped out when she realized that many of the challenges on the show were designed to embarrass their participants. Montag had a similar come-to-Jesus moment last night (as well as a literal one, when she and Pratt prayed with Patti Blagojevich), where the Hills villainess broke down crying over how mean people were being to her. It sucks when that happens without a pre-approved, MTV-written season arc, hmm?

(Also: immense kudos to Movieline commenter andreazuckerman-vasquez, who yesterday noted the heretofore unremarked-upon resemblance between Susan Boyle and 30 Rock's Kathy Geiss. To me, that is a breakthrough moment on par with discovering the theory of relativity.)