Conan the Ratings Barbarian

· Conan O'Brien's tram-spinnin', 99 Cent-store-lootin' debut on The Tonight Show earned a 7.1 rating and 17 audience share. That's the highest ratings for a Monday episode of the show in four years, and beat Late Show and Nightline's ratings combined. Great start. Now all we need is to find more busy work for Andy Richter and we're set. [THR]

· Universal has snapped rights to Where's Waldo?, the multi-million-selling children's book phenomenon that asks you to locate the titular hero as he moves about crowded public scenes. Am I the only one who think this would make a great Jonas Brothers property? Just throw them in ski hats and striped scarves, drop them in Delhi, and shoot a single, static shot from a helicopter for 90 minutes. Bam. Movie. [Variety]

· Lionsgate is reuniting with their golden Crash calf Paul Haggis on The Next Three Days, a loose remake of French film Pour Elle in which people slam Vespas into each other as a symbol of worker unrest. []

· 50 Cent returns to the big screen in Caught in the Crossfire, a "police corruption drama" about two homicide detectives who get trapped in your stock web of corruption, intrigue, and lies. 50 Cent plays a choral angel who comments on the action from the heavens. No, just kidding. He plays a thug. [Variety]

· Paris Hilton will extend her ongoing search for a New BFF to Dubai, where she'll watch a group of young women from the Middle East run a gauntlet to decide who will become her bosom buddy. Hey -- wait just one second. Contestant #8, could you please take off your burka? Michael Jackson??!! Get out of here! [Variety]


  • Dhppy says:

    Yes, more Richter. Conan's Ford Taurus segment should have been scrubbed and replaced with desk driving through the streets of LA with Andy. I loved the running across country bit, though. And, perhaps the scantily clad hot men who carried out Will Ferrell could be regulars, you know, just standing around.

  • CiscoMan says:

    Boy, the jockeying for the coveted July 4th, 2010 release date between "Where's Waldo?" and Ridley Scott's "Monopoly" is going to be vicious.
    In other news: Hollywood's plan to continue blaming digital piracy for slow ticket sales just took a serious, serious hit.