The One-Page Screenplay: Jeff Lowell's The Socialite And The Guy With The Real Job


Welcome to Movieline's One-Page Screenplay project, a groundbreaking creative experiment that asks Hollywood's most successful screenwriters to compose a script that exists on a single page -- and yet still somehow manages to present third-act stakes-deficiency problems. Today's estimable contributor is Jeff Lowell, a former TV writer on shows like Spin City and Sports Night, who now works in comedy features, having written John Tucker Must Die and Hotel For Dogs, and written and directed Eva Longoria shrew-from-the-grave comedy Over Her Dead Body. For us, though, he presents The Socialite And The Guy With The Real Job -- a breezy and satisfying romantic comedy that practically has Matthew McConaughey's potato-chip-grease fingerprints all over it.

The Official Bio:

Jeff Lowell began his career as an extremely disloyal television writer, moving from "The George Carlin Show" to "Drew Carey" to "Cybill" to "Spin City" to "Sports Night" to "Just Shoot Me," among others. On the feature side, he wrote "John Tucker Must Die" and "Hotel For Dogs," and wrote and directed "Over Her Dead Body." He recently sold a spec ("Family Bond") and an adaptation ("Dog On It") to Universal, as well as a pitch ("Safari") to Paramount.

Lowell fled Los Angeles a few years ago and lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The One-Page Screenplay:


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