Remember the Name 'Lucy Punch'


· Lucy Punch, whom you might recognize as Running Blond Woman in Grindhouse fake-trailer Don't, is kindly stepping in for Nicole Kidman after Kidman departed Woody Allen's latest film. While the project still has no title and its plot is a loosely guarded secret, it's rumored Punch is playing a high-class hooker whose services wind up taking down a public official. Kidman cited "scheduling conflicts," which is actress code for "stormed off the set after Woody asked if she could 'maybe sex it up a bit? Here's an idea: Try closing your eyes and imagining how Scarlett might go about seducing a Governor.'" [Variety]

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· Columbia bought Barry Sonnenfeld pitch for Swift, an adaptation of the Tom Swift books. [Variety]

· Watch out, Garfield. There's another fat orange cat from a comic strip coming along to swat at your fixed cathood. Rights holder FitzRoy Media has signed a deal to spin Heathcliff off into a "range of properties, from direct-to-DVD toons to a potential live-action theatrical feature." Explained a producer, "He's not your typical cuddly kitty cat. He's a really cynical, wisecracking character who has a contemporary perspective we could do a lot with." Got that, Lasagna Breath? This is a smart-ass fatso cat for the Obama generation! Also, if you feed him generic cat food, he craps in your Birkin bag. [Variety]

· Aidan Quinn, Penelope Ann Miller, John Mahoney, Anthony Edwards, and Rebecca De Mornay are all in various stages of commitment to Rob Reiner's adaptation of Flipped, a young adult romance novel. Young adults forthcoming. [THR]

· Natalie Portman has joined the cast of Your Highness, a Universal comedy directed by Pineapple Express's David Gordon Green, and written by and co-starring Danny McBride. James Franco also stars. It's a fairy tale about "a lazy, arrogant prince who, with his brother (Franco), must complete a quest to save the kingdom and his brother's fiancee." I hope there's dragons! [Variety]


  • Furious D says:

    1. Even though she's a relative unknown, Miss Punch is guaranteed to be a better box office draw than Nicole Kidman.
    2. And yet Swift may go slowly through development.
    3. Heathcliff? What is this 1981?
    4. Flipped? Rob, with your track record lately, do you really think you can survive the Variety headline: "Flipped Flopped"?
    5. And Danny McBride wrote in a lot of scenes where he makes out with Natalie Portman for some reason.