5 Logos Worse than WME's New Design


William Morris Entertainment officially opens for business Tuesday, commemorating WMA and Endeavor's holy agentrimony with a day-long celebration. Among the baby-B-Q and Jim Wiatt dunk tank, attendees might also try their luck at designing a new WME logo -- even if the superagency apparently already has one. I'm still having difficulty believing it's either official or anything close to final, particularly with the backlash gathering momentum over the weekend. The logo is neither attractive nor sensible (the "2" supposedly represents "entertainment" and "Endeavor") nor consistent with either of the partners' original brands. It says nothing, and thus it sells nothing.

That said, it could always be worse. Or could it? Decide for yourself after the jump.

I guess we can thank Ari and Co. for vetoing inappropriately positioned stick-figures and drinking frogs, but still. Let your voice be heard below -- how would you fix this logo?

· EXCLUSIVE: This Is The WME Logo. Really. [DHD]

· When Logos Go Bad



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