Rian Johnson Talks in Your Ear Through Entirety of Brothers Bloom


For Rachel Weisz's extraordinary performance alone, The Brothers Bloom is worth seeing once. And now filmmaker Rian Johnson is hoping that a talky experiment of his might be worth seeing the con-man dramedy a second time.

Summit yesterday dispatched a theatrical commentary track for moviegoers, an MP3 downloadable at Bloom's Apple page and complete with syncing instructions and other admonitions. "This is probably obvious," Johnson says early on, "but please don't do this the first time you see the movie. Not that this is some big elaborate con to get your money a second time -- cause that's how we get the big bucks!" Mm-hmm.

Still, it's a novel idea that Johnson targets at the cinephiles who would consider sitting through Bloom a second time, thus the "film school" specificity and the irony of a serious filmgoer listening to his/her iPod in the middle of a movie theater. Oh, and consider sitting in the rear of the theater; it's harder for your neighbors to throw popcorn at someone listening to headphones behind them.

· The Brothers Bloom [Apple]


  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Maybe people will pay to see the film a second time with the mp3, but then that obviates the need to buy the DVD with the audio commentary, no? Of course, I didn't have plans to see the movie once or buy the DVD, so maybe I should refrain from commenting.

  • @sweetbiscuit: Actually, I think they're going to be different commentaries, or at least partly different.

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