MacGruber To Be Blown Up Over And Over Again For Ninety Minutes


· The Peabody Awards ceremony was held last night in New York, where honorees included creators of Lost, Breaking Bad, the Onion News Network, and SNL. On hand to accept for that venerable sketch comedy series was creator Lorne Michaels, who told a reporter that a feature-length MacGruber movie is a definite possibility. Michaels explained, "We're still in discussions. It would have to be in the summer because we are back in production in the fall, but if our schedules allow, then it really should be doable so long as [FIERY EXPLOSION ENGULFS WALDORF-ASTORIA]" MacGruuuBER! [THR]


· Steven Spielberg and Stacy Snider's longtime dream to produce the definitive movie of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life is close to being realized. The King Estate has granted DreamWorks the rights to King's biography and intellectual property, including all his writings and copyrighted speeches. Spielberg issued a statement, saying: "We are all honored that the King Estate is giving us the opportunity to tell the story of these defining, historic events." Johnny Depp is said to be eyeing the lead. There -- run with that, British tabloid press! [Variety]

· And so it begins. The Great Agent Redundancy Pandemic of 2009 has already claimed 110 positions at the newly merged WME Entertainment -- 100 from WMA, 10 from Endeavor. Fret hot, however, as soon they'll be putting their Jedi agenting mind tricks to excellent use, upselling Vons deli counter customers on macaroni salad they didn't know they wanted. (But skimming 10% off the top for themselves. Mmm....macaroni salaaaad.) [Variety]


· Lifetime has picked up 12 episodes of Sherri, the sitcom from The View co-host Sherri Shepherd, about a single mom just trying to make ends meet while not knowing what shape the planet is.

Theme song: "Who's that girl? / It's Sherri! / On top of the world: Sherri! / She's a single mom! / And not just that! / A paralegal, too / Who thinks the Earth is flat! / Thaaaat's Sherri! / Life is so fiiiiiine -- zoobledeeBAP!" [Variety]

· Law & Order just got renewed for its 20th season, tying it with Gunsmoke for longest-running drama in TV history. In order to cut costs, however, NBC required that it be a cast-contingent order. Jeremy Sisto, Anthony Anderson, Sam Waterston, and S. Epatha Merkerson have therefore all been replaced with Mario Lopez. [THR]


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