Chace Crawford Sings the Kenny Loggins Songbook


I feel obliged to tell you that Chace Crawford has officially been cast to replace Zac Efron to supplant Kevin Bacon in the upcoming musical redo of Footloose. I'm not sure why the press has followed this Footloose casting story so closely; sure, when Efron was still attached, the project had a little bit of "It's weird that he's doing yet another musical while his star is rising" frisson, but do we really care about a musical toplined by the least interesting actor on Gossip Girl? Oh, but guess who else might be in it?

According to E!, Miley Cyrus is being hotly pursued as the female lead. Producers certainly have enough time to sign her -- due to Crawford's Gossip schedule, shooting won't even begin until March 2010.

· Miley May Cut Footloose; Chace Definitely Will [E!]


  • Inhaler says:

    Miley Cyrus is definitely not a stranger to being hotly pursued. After all, she is Billy Ray's daughter.