Review: New Moon Script Not Such Trash After All


While the investigation continues into the careless junking of a New Moon screenplay in St. Louis, another copy turned up at the headquarters of part-time script reviewers at CC2K. Perhaps they, too, simply got lucky after trailing Anna Kendrick for a while, but regardless, they wasted no time parsing the work online.

Although it doesn't sound like the breakthrough that will make chaste, swoony teen-vampire lust any safer for guys in the audience, New Moon holds fast to its source's dark edges and romantic downers. Moreover, having a real director in Chris Weitz should only help the material, reversing Catherine Hardwicke's quick-cut melodrama in favor of something a little more dynamic and, well, actorly.

The downside: There's not likely going to be enough Robert Pattinson (but really, when is there ever?), and that Bella Swan's "inane" voiceovers from Twilight are back again for Moon. "Bella's a fairly straightforward character, so it's not necessary to spell out everything she's thinking," the review notes. "Her boyfriend left, she's sad, we get it. No need to belabor the point. [...] Hear that, Mr. Weitz? It's all on you." Got it. Now if you'll please return the script to Summit Entertainment, there might be some premiere tickets in it for you.

· Advance Script Review: New Moon [CC2K]


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