And Now, the Ben Silverman Beefcake Video We've All Been Waiting For


I think I can safely say that there are two things I never expected to see today:

1) A news story about Victoria Principal maybe, kinda, sorta trying to kill her housekeeper


2) The smooth, half-naked body of NBC head Ben Silverman

Luckily (?), we've got video of the latter.

Nikki Finke was kind enough to act as curator for the viral video (yes, he is topless, but it is for art), which sees Silverman freestyling for Rob Morrow's camera as Fisher Stevens plays harmonica, in a locker room. Well, that's exactly how I would have predicted it.

This routine has already bagged Carson Daly's slot in the fall.

· VIDEO: Ben Silverman Sings In A Towel [Deadline Hollywood Daily]


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