Phillip Morris to Market Itself as the Ultimate Gay Felon Date Movie


Wandering the distribution desert for what seems like ages since it made its Sundance debut, I Love You Phillip Morris -- an unlikely true tale of gay love inside the Texas penal system, starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregror -- has finally found a taker. Consolidated Pictures Group, whose greatest acquisition achievement up to this point appears to have been for their self-produced Bottle Shock, has signed a mid-seven-figure deal with Morris's financier EuropaCorp (that's Luc Besson's company, and he's listed as Morris's EP) for domestic distribution.

It opens Valentine's Day, which feels like an eternity from now, but should give hired gun marketing guru Matthew Cohen -- the clever man behind the campaigns for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and No Country for Old Men -- plenty of time to dream up a memorable tie-in campaign. We're thinking maybe magazine-insert greeting cards that say, "I Choo Choo Want to Make You My Bitch." As long as it's something tasteful -- unlike those Prison Break-brand droppable soap bars.

· Consolidated loves 'Phillip Morris' [Variety]

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