Rating the Vulcan Salutes from Last Night's Star Trek Premiere


Bravo to whatever enterprising photographer made last night's Star Trek red carpet more awkward by yelling out, "DO THE VULCAN SALUTE!" Fortunately, a motley crew of celebrities obliged. Let's see who mastered the tricky finger position, and who reinterpreted the directive to be, "Do the Vulcan salute, but make it kinda dyslexic."


Her work on Heroes has made Hayden Panettiere good at obeying ridiculous direction. Rating: 7


Simon Pegg (new Scotty) was like, "OK, just take the picture. We're good? Done? OK." Rating: 5


Multi-tasking Heidi Klum managed to extend the salute, wink, blow a kiss, and give birth to her eighth baby all at the same time. Rating: 8


George Takei, you've had years to practice this. It's cheating if you stick the ring finger forward! Rating: 3


Nice form, Jon Heder. We particularly appreciate the wide double-axel followed up by a palm salchow. But no, you cannot have a callback for Star Trek 2. Rating: 10


Well, Leonard Nimoy, we're giving you a pass on this one, if only because you originated it. Rating: 5


Chuck's Zachary Levi would have had to give up his TV nerd cred if he couldn't execute this move correctly. Rating: 9


Yeah, Christian Slater, that's, uh, not correct (we don't care if that's the way Jack Nicholson does it). What is that, the Vulcan version of The Shocker? Rating: 0


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