Star Wars Marketing Scores Rare Home Run


From George Lucas's excessive tinkering to its sputtering theatrical continuations, few Hollywood properties have been driven into the ground as obsessively and destructively as Star Wars. But every now and then its creator's self-seriousness abates, and we're all reminded that it's actually OK to have fun with the Force. We have Disney to thank for the latest, all-too-rare return to roots, summarized in four new posters for its forthcoming Star Wars Weekends in Orlando.

Even the loathsome Ewoks come off well in the campaign, which spotlights four weekends' worth of fan gatherings at Disney World's Hollywood Studios theme park. I can't make any claims about the character motorcade, autograph blitz or Jedi Training Academy, but a Stormtrooper with a weakness for chocolate (not to mention the consequences of the Dark Side on an edible pair of Mickey Mouse ears) is a welcome respite to, say, lisping Hutts and all those other continuing Clone Wars nightmares. Best of all, Disney can probably draw free crowd control from a certain Scottish police squad. If this isn't a win-win, then I don't know what is.

· 2009 Star Wars Weekends Backstage Posters [ via /film]



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