How Sacha Baron Cohen Conned Paula Abdul Into Sitting on a Mexican


We've already learned how Sacha Baron Cohen tricked politician Ron Paul into a bedroom encounter for his upcoming Bruno -- now, it's time for Paula Abdul to spill on how she fell for Cohen's charms (and what sort of gardener-abusing activities we may see her partake in when the film comes out July 10).

Abdul had no idea she'd been fooled until three weeks ago, when an inquiry from People magazine prompted her to dredge up a terrible memory of a strange German award ceremony she'd attended the previous year. When she showed up to the location, Abdul was met by bad food, an empty studio, and Cohen in disguise:

And he says, "Sorry there's no furniture." And he snaps his fingers and says "Gardeners!" And these two Mexican guys come in, and they drop down to all fours. I see him paying them like ten bucks. They drop down to all fours and he says [to me], "Sit down." And I said, "I'm not doing that." And he says don't be like ...And I'm in a dress, so I'm tipping and holding my core muscles to not sit on them. And he pushes me down on them, and I'm like, "I'm sorry. And these two gardeners ... Mexican gardeners don't speak a word of English, and I'm like patting them and I'm like, "I'm so sorry." And he kicked one of them, and we all fall. It was getting so uncomfortable and I'm throwing daggers with my eyes at my publicist. And they're kicking my publicist out. And I said, "Get me out of here. This is crazy. This is not funny, this is discrimination. This is abusive stuff going on here." And he says, "I need you to change your clothes," and I said, "No, I won't be doing that. I have to go to work ... And by the way, where's my award?"

In related news, Kara DioGuardi just booked her ticket to Bruno on

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  • dinalohan says:

    Sacha went after Paula Abdul? What, the "How's Your News" kids were busy?
    Please. Pick on someone your own size.

  • Inhaler says:

    ". .I’m tipping and holding my core muscles to not sit on them." These would be her vaginal core muscles, correct? Those poor Mexican dudes. Well at least they made 10 bucks out of the deal, but still.