Buzz Break: Upgrade Betty


· Ugly Betty is losing her braces, the show's creator tells EW. First Susan Boyle, now this!

· By the by, Jeff Wells has a friend who's heard that EW might soon merge with People.

· Disney is going to buy 30% of Hulu. That's great, but we kind of like's video player (which lets you call up, say, every episode of Lost) better than Hulu's (which only lets you watch the last five episodes of most currently-airing shows).

· Tyra's dapper stalker has been convicted.

· Us Weekly would like you to know that LeAnn Rimes and her possibly estranged husband Dean Sheremet made out in a Mexican restaurant. The magazine then accompanied this news with a slideshow entitled, "See the grossest celeb kisses of all time." Burn.


  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Great that Disney is buying part of Hulu -- soon they won't be one of the producers who say they don't make any money online. Oh wait, that won't matter anymore, I forgot....

  • JudgeFudge says:

    Wait. If its one thing that Hollywood has taught me its that the only thing that makes an otherwise attractive actress "ugly" is braces and glasses. Is ABC going to change the name of hte show? To, maybe, "Totally Do-Able Betty"?

  • likethisandlikethat says:

    If she keeps the glasses, she'll be "Partially Do-Able Betty".