Also Not In Theatrical Cut of Wolverine: Hugh Jackman's Genitalia


In another, noble attempt to distract from Wolverine LeakGate, Hugh Jackman stopped by the Howard Stern show today for a no-holds-barred conversation that was mainly about the adamantium-reinforced bone claw currently found in his pants, if you know what I mean. Jackman teased that there exists Wolverine footage with several different cameos from his, uh, Swordfish (does that work? has it been too long?), but that he's now in possession of all that celluloid. The conversation, as transcribed by the deliciously mundane

Howard asked Hugh about getting naked for the movies and how he doesn't seem to be afraid to show his penis. Hugh said that he got a bag full of the film that had shots of his dick in it for a gift when the film wrapped. Howard asked if his penis is a good size. Hugh said that he thinks it's pretty good sized.Howard asked if he's okay with showing it because it's pretty big. Hugh said that it's fine and said that it's probably over 6 inches. [...] Howard said that having a big penis must be great. Hugh said that everything is fine with him. There have been no complaints from his wife.

And now you know. Fox, if you can add a little of that to the final cut, all is forgiven. Trust us: way more spinoff potential than Deadpool.

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  • benjamin says:

    Fuck this nonsense. Until Hugh Jackman hands bag that bag to Fox so they can put out a "XXX-Men" cut where we get "Watchmen" level full-frontal, and Wolverine gets more than just adamantium stuck up in him, I'm going to firmly avoid this movie like it were shopping at a TJ Maxx.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Now there is a package I want 2 open 4 X-mas! (girl giggle)

  • avoidz says:

    That promo photo looks like Wolverine has to roll it up like a garden hose to pack it into those jeans.

  • mentir says:

    "There have been no complaints from his wife." ...aside from the whole doesn't actually use it on her thing. Just a minor quibble.