Who Could Fill Jessica Rabbit's Dress for a Mo-Capped Roger Rabbit Sequel?


It's been almost a decade since director Robert Zemeckis forsook live action for the weird, dead-eyed world of motion capture performance, but recent comments indicate he may be using his newest toys to resurrect some of his oldest creations. "I'll tell you what is buzzing around in my head now that we have the ability--the digital tools, performance capture--I'm starting to think about Roger Rabbit," he told MTV. Naturally, our heads filled with wild speculation and even wilder dress dimensions: if Zemeckis is implying the possibility of a motion-captured Roger Rabbit sequel, who in Hollywood could apply mocap dots to her bosom to play Jessica Rabbit?

One of the most intriguing facets of performance capture is the ability to resize the actor in question, so might Zemeckis be able to use Kathleen Turner's voice and a whittled-down version of her body? Or would he reunite with his Beowulf star Angelina Jolie (surely the nearest thing to a live action Jessica) and marry Jolie with Turner's voice?

If Zemeckis really wants to save up for what would almost certainly be a budget-busting project, we'd like to suggest Megan Fox as Jessica's figure model. As we learned from her Jonah Hex wardrobe, Fox might be the only actress who could pull off Jessica's physically improbable waist without the help of special effects.

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