The Honeymoon is Over


The economy is in the ICU and swine flu cases are quickly filling the other beds in this labored analogy, so it probably won't be fun and/or games at the Obama press conference tonight. Fox won't be showing the presser, so you apolitical types can get your propaganda over there.

Presidential Press Conference [8 PM EST, CBS/ABC/NBC]

This third press conference is supposed to mark Obama's triumphant first 100 days in office but we're guessing there will be no questions about how the new dog is getting used to life at the White House. The Manhattan fly-by should also be addressed, though Obama's pretty talking will probably make it seem like a mere trifle.

Obama: The First 100 Days [10 PM, BET]

You could turn to MSNBC or CNN for the post-press conference analysis, but we'll give BET a chance. In reviewing Barack's first 100 days as president, they make the assumption that those 100 days actually mean something, but we'll give them credit for providing a venue for Tatyana Ali of Fresh Prince fame to give her opinion on world issues.


Rapper Wives: The E! True Hollywood Story [10 PM, E!]

The wives of DMX, Mos Def, Big Pun and Paul Wall dish on some of the bonuses of their lives in the fast lane while also discussing the hardships of fame, rivalries and slutty fans. Given that this is an E! THS, there will be lots of twists and turns along the yellow bling road, but if DMX is like most husbands, every time he gets arrested he gets his wife something nice.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno [11:35 PM, NBC]

Guests: Jimmy Fallon, Chris Matthews, Zac Brown Band. It's a dark week for Fallon's show, so he'll grace Jay's couch with some stories about how hard it is to host a talk show, but also how great it is, and how people still don't know who he is. Look for the A-Cameraman on the Tonight Show crew to have fits trying to keep Fallon in the frame as he gets up to add physicality to his riffs. Cameramen love that stuff.