Lost Producers Will Never Explain Where Libby Got All That Island Botox


In the annals of unexplained Lost mysteries, there's always been one nagging question that showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have promised to answer: what the hell was up with Libby? Libby, if you'll remember, was a quavery-voiced season two character who briefly developed a thing for Hurley (also an unexplained mystery!) before being shot dead in the glorious murder spree that also produced Michelle Rodriguez's third, never-before-seen facial expression. While Libby was the first Lost character to perish without her own flashback episode, producers have always said that her enigmatic backstory would be told in other ways. Now, not so much!

Fans had hoped that the gaps in Libby's story would be filled when her portrayer, Cynthia Watros, was booked for a three-episode arc last season; however, the WGA strike cut her screen time to a single cameo. Will Lindelof and Cuse try to resurrect their plans for her? "Nope," Cuse tells Lostpedia:

"Uhh, you know, again, these are not questions that we are going to answer. I think the point we were trying to make with the Libby story is that everything is graded in terms of importance for us, and, as we are doing the last season of the show, it's not going to be sort of a didactic, you know, here's a list of a thousand questions that we're going to answer. [...] I think that the reference to Libby was more illustrative of the fact that I think, we accept the fact that in the end of the day there will, probably, you could ask a spectrum of a thousand different fans "Well what question did you not get answered?" and there might be a thousand different answers, but we are focusing on what we consider to be the main questions of the show and the main narrative. It's impossible to tie up every loose end, and we don't really consider, honestly, Libby's story is incredibly tangential to the principle action on the show. For us, the focus of the final season really has to be on the main characters and what would generally be acknowledged as the most significant mysteries."

This is sad news for those of us still expecting a Vincent flashback episode or an explanation of how Kate keeps her eyebrows so neat (also, is anybody ever going to ask about the Hurley bird, or are we just going to pretend that never happened?). Still, would it be too much to ask for the new, mysterious Ilana to tell Locke, "Hey, do you remember some chick named Libby? Yeah, uh, that was totes Jacob's sister. Peace."

· LOST NEWS!!! Libby's backstory won't be answered!!! [ONTD]


  • LLH says:

    they have answered the hurley bird question on the official LOST podcast.

  • Mr. Blume says:

    TV Translation:
    We couldn't give a shit for the actress, her character's story that we now deem irrelevant, or getting around to why a fairly attractive woman would find Hurley sexually appealing.

  • benjamin says:

    I'm calling total fuckin' shenanigans on the creators of "Lost." The revelation of her being in the asylum with Hurley was way too played up that episode for them to not address it. Hearing this makes me want to crap something that's definitely not gold. On their faces.

  • Lostfan says:

    They could have at least mentioned it in a podcast or something. I've been waiting several seasons to see why she was in that asylum. :-/

  • ptosis says:

    She was caught drunk driving in Honolu as to the reason she was bumped off along with Anna-Lucia, also drunk driving ticket at the same time. Funny how that works, huh?

  • honey says:

    i'm so discusted that they ran a rerun during the final season that i just don't care anymore.. i've watched all seasons 3 times, something i've never done with any movie or show, i love lost and think it's the best tv show ever, but i am through after this.. i'll make up my own ending.. shame on you Lindelof and Cuse, shame on you!

  • honey says:

    (Disgusted sp)