Newest Pitt-Jolie Member Eating Family Out of House and Home


· Pictured, doting dad Brad Pitt rushes to protect the newest addition to the ever-growing Pitt-Jolie clan from the elements. He's great about changing giant diapers, too.

· Diane and the whole GMA gang pulled a prank on Matthew McConaughey this morning, hiding out somewhere as he wandered around the abandoned set on live morning TV. McConaughey finally gave up, took off his shirt, and started playing some sweet tribal beats on the coffee table.

· Tyra's stalker is the dapperest stalker I've ever seen. You go, girl! My stalker had Dippin' Dots and staples in his hair.

· Chris Brown's attorney Mark Geragos, of powerful Hollywood law firm Anderson Bruford Wakeman & Howe, is seeking to dismiss his assault case altogether. He points towards the leak of police photos of Rihanna as the reason.

· Lane Garrison, the Prison Break actor who killed a Beverly Hills High student after a DUI crash of his Range Rover in 2006, has been released on parole, having served 18 months of his 36 months sentence.