Wall Street 2 to Introduce Gordon Gekko to the Wonders of the iPhone


· All systems are go on Fox's Wall Street sequel, with Oliver Stone set to direct Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko maneuvering through the free market's collapse, and whose catchphrase has been tweaked slightly to reflect the times. ("Food ... is good.") Greased-back-hairdo aficionado Shia LaBeouf is also "in the mix." [Variety]

More Ink lies beyond ...

· Universal is turning Ricky Gervais's hit children's book Flanimals into a 3-D animated feature, scripted by The Simpsons writer Matt Selman. Gervais will voice "a pudgy, perspiring purple creature, [who] goes on a mission to change the world," whom Gervais assures was not based on Rush Limbaugh. [Variety]


· Chris Noth has signed on to Sex and the City 2, where he'll reprise his role as the dastardly, commitmentphobic Mr. Big. [Variety]

· NBC ordered Ace, a reality show hosted by Steve Schirripa (Bobby from The Sopranos), that pits contestants found in an online search against professional poker players in Las Vegas. Eliminated contestants will then suddenly find themselves thrust into a blinding spotlight, as Joan Rivers emerges from a trapdoor on a hydraulic lift to deliver the show's kissoff catchphrase: "You're a pokah playah. A pokah playah, dahling. Pokah playahs are trash. TRASH!" [Variety]


· Danny Huston will play Poseidon in Clash of the Titans, which began shooting Monday outside London. [THR]

· Time Warner has learned one of its co-financiers, whom they're not naming and who was supposed to foot half the bill on four 2008 releases, still hasn't paid, and ain't likely to be paying: "In a conference call, CFO John Martin said TW had a 'long-standing relationship' with the co-financing partner and declined to name it or the films affected by the situation. But he said TW is 'not concerned' about its ability to finance films." [THR]