Crazy Shia, Pointer Sisters Shine in Leaked Transformers Trailer


The new trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is expected in theaters soon, but a viewer who caught an early glimpse apparently decided there's no reason you should have to wait. And while the low resolution does little justice to Michael Bay's $200 million VFX pride and joy, the irresistible character of the thing comes through loud and clear. Or at least loud.

We're introduced straightaway to Shia LaBeouf, bittersweetly announcing to his devoted autobot that they will not be able to share the young man's forthcoming college experience together. Shifting from the Pointer Sisters' Top 40 staple "I'm So Excited" to slumping repose at the news, we get the sense that the machine will soon find other, more world-saving means of occupying its time. And soon.

Megan Fox won't be joining him either, alas, but they'll stay in touch via the Web -- perhaps with cameras retrofitted to the motorcycle Fox slinks around in all her semi-clothed glory. They'll be in contact sooner than they thought, though, particularly after Shia's mad, symbological visions catapult him into a sort of work-study semester on the Egyptian set of a Michael Bay film.

That's pretty much the extent of the plot here -- which might seem like stating the obvious, except that for a good 30 seconds we're treated to an unusual amount of human drama barely alluded to in earlier Fallen teasers and trailers. It's compelling stuff, not just for viewers' anticipation of this film's June release but also the upcoming "small film" so close to Bay's heart. Even reduced to the limitations of grainy Web video, there can be no doubt that this man is an artist. And the Pointer Sisters may never have to work again.


UPDATE: Paramount seems to not be ready for us to relish the low-res Fallen fabulousness, so we have agreed to wait for a version everyone can agree on. But believe me: A busted pinkie has never looked better, bootlegged or not.

UPDATE: She's back! And Transformier than ever!

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