Buzz Break: Goonies 'R' Old Enough


· Above, witness the Goonies reassembled for Steven Spielberg's special guest-edited issue of Empire. Josh Brolin is just happy he can finally show up that punk Sean Astin at Goonie reunions.

· Not reuniting: Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn, who are getting divorced (for realsies, this time).

· King of Kong hero Steve Wiebe has set the new record in Donkey Kong Jr. At this pace, he'll get to Super Mario Bros. in roughly three decades.

· Sex and the City costume designer Pat Field is happy that Sarah Jessica Parker is expecting twins, but happier still that some other lady's waistline is the problem.

· Lost celebrates its 100th episode tonight with a Jeremy Davies-centric episode, which is basically your editor's dream come true. Is it too much to hope that he flashbacks to his gay hustler days on Melrose Place?


  • benjamin says:

    Knowing that Jeremy Davies once played a crack-smoking gay hustler has made my week, and his laugh has made my ears bleed. You win some, you lose some, I suppose.

  • Inhaler says:

    Would it have been in poor taste to exhume Anne Ramsey's corpse for this photo-op?
    She would still look better than Feldman.