Mitch Hurwitz the Latest Showrunner to Get Doubly Screwed By Fox


Before Fox aired Mitch Hurwitz's animated comedy Sit Down, Shut Up, it ran ads that apologized to the showrunner for previously canceling his Arrested Development. Sadly, highlighting the fact that Hurwitz would return to the network that screwed him hasn't prevented Fox from doing it all over again, as THR reports.

After just two airings, Sit Down is being bumped into the Fox dead zone of 7pm Sundays, to be replaced by network hole-filler King of the Hill. Meanwhile, over on Fox Fridays, Joss Whedon finds himself in a similar spot; after tussling with the network over the prematurely-canceled Firefly, Whedon's Dollhouse is on life support and won't air a thirteenth episode that Whedon regards as the show's best. Guys, if you're that determined to be in bed with 20th, head over to FX! Damages is barely pulling in enough ratings to justify Glenn Close's wig budget, and yet it's rumbling on toward a third season. Otherwise, we'll leave it to Fox itself to say, "Told you so."

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