Fanboy Crisis Averted at Joint Star Trek, Wolverine Event


The industry-threatening swine flu contagion was apparently the least of anyone's worries last night in Sydney, where someone's brilliant idea to host sneak previews of Star Trek and Wolverine in the same multiplex resulted in a vortex of security haggles for the films' dueling fanboy constituencies.

Viewers emerged from each screening at roughly the same time, raising the nightmarish potential for a clash of wills and allegiances to fellow Australian Hugh Jackman and (by pretty much all accounts) the far superior Trek reboot. But according to a reporter on the scene, most of the attendee animus was reserved not for each other, but rather for the studio security details whose interests in curbing piracy overrode their concern for a pasty turf war. The viewers' cell phone forfeitures seems to have presented the biggest complication, with the retrieval for each managed "so inefficiently that [the Wolverine] line stretched back the length of the building to meet the [Star Trek] crowd."

The fragile peace outlasted the chaos, however, sending theatergoers into the night to plot the much safer, more comfortable squabbles of bickering online. Or at least, after Jackman's soft one-two punch of Australia and Wolverine, wondering what Fox has against their beleaguered compatriot. It might be time to take the fight to the real enemy.

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