Tommy and the Cool Mule Could Be Ice-T's Best Jive-Talking-Donkey Work to Date


In today's The Two-Minute Verdict, we present for your enjoyment the trailer to Tommy and the Cool Mule. A touching coming-of-age tale with a rural American setting, it follows the unlikely adventures of our young hero, Tommy, who's desperately in need of a strong male role model after his father heads off to war. He finds it in Jackie A, a bling-wearing jive donkey with the ability to speak decades-old catchphrases ("I pity da fool!" "Things that make you go hmmm...." "Whachu talkin' about, Tommy?" etc...) in Ice-T's voice.

While Eddie Murphy cornered the market on urban ass roles a long time ago, there's really no reason why Ice-T can't also have a slice of the jive-throwin'-mule action. In fact, it wouldn't be all that surprising if Jackie T galloped off into his own franchise after Tommy, starring in a number of increasingly gritty sequels until series finale Jackie T in the City: Cool Mule Cop Killer, in which the back-talking burro is shot up in a hail of slo-mo SWAT fire during a gang initiation ritual gone horribly wrong.

Verdict: For Ice-T completists only.

[via Malis in Wonderland]

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