New Doc to Explore Mystery of Twilight Stars' Fame


Twilight co-star Nikki Reed has good news and, well, mildly bad news for you today. First the good: She and her older brother are spending more time bonding these days than they have in years. The downside: He's taking his camera everywhere they go, prepping a Twilight-centric documentary about the glorification of celebrities. Even more discouraging: He's actually calling the thing The Glorification of Celebrities. On the nose much, kiddo?

Reed told MTV News about the project in development, which her UCLA film student brother Nathan has been shooting since the Twilight phenomenon exploded last year. Indeed, the geek gold rush appears to be the film's primary focus, exploring fan groups like "Nikki Reed's Mafia" and the spike in restraining orders media interest that Kristen Stewart so valiantly endured in the run up to the premiere. Stewart will in fact be one of Reed's talking heads, his sister says, which should make for revelatory behind-the-scenes viewing if Glorification has any integrity at all. Otherwise, Nathan? Take it straight to the special features. And watch your back when it comes time to make a sequel -- or any time really. Those Summit guys will cut your throat in a second.

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