Megan Fox Making the Ultimate Sacrifice For Jonah Hex


New photos of Megan Fox have emerged from the set of Jonah Hex, the DC Comics adaptation featuring Josh Brolin as the titular 19th-century bounty hunter and Fox as his shapely, pistol-packing love interest Leila. And it appears that, in an amazing feat of Method acting, Fox will mimic her character's two-dimensional roots for a good portion of the film; her apparent removal of several internal organs for this corset proves her dedication to her one-of-a-kind craft. See the full-size (ahem) image after the jump.

If you ever doubted this woman's commitment, she'll accept your apology -- and hopefully a hamburger or something -- in the comments section.


· EXCLUSIVE: Jonah Hex Set Pics of Megan Fox as Leila !!! [Movie Gab]


  • JudgeFudge says:

    Congrats, Megan on acheiving this level of freakish body image actualization. Even with my glasses on, you still look like an odd Mr. PotatoHead doll made of legs, a bust, and a "sex face".

  • Matt says:


  • @Matt: Brilliantly, brilliantly played.

  • WhoSoEverShallBeFound says:

    That is pretty demented. And a form of feminine self-hatred.

  • Bella says:

    You don't remove organs to fit into corsets like that. It just takes training, which I'm sure she's had.
    She looks fantastic, actually.

  • MxRockstr says:

    Man i would marry her any day of the week, shes one sexy gal.

  • This is awesome! A Jonah Hex movie! I hope this will be as cool as
    the comic was, then if the movie is a hit the chickens in Hollywood might finally release a Sandman movie. And Megan looks amazing!!! I
    love corsets (goth girls rock!) & she looks mighty tantalizing in hers!

  • Bob Who says:

    Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are.

  • Chris says:

    This sh%# is gross. She looks ridiculous...

  • T.Holly says:

    That's no stunt casting, Smarty Fox's self described mini waist has been camera ready, willing and available since her red-carpet doppleganger interview.

  • nonegiven says:

    It's ribs you have to remove, not organs. The organs get squished, that's why they used to build 'fainting rooms' into houses so women could take off their clothes and breath a little.

  • That does not look comfortable!
    The Victorian Age was not pretty for women.

  • L. Maik says:

    Well, removed organs or not, she still looks sexy enough to be my wife. LOL! Besides, I bet that the money they're paying her is worth the sacrifice. =)
    And no problem, I can invite her a hamburguer ANY day now... I just hope she DOES read this comments =P

  • Yam says:

    Damn Ms. Love & Kate Moss back in the day? Insane

  • jade says:

    at 1st glance yes but take a second look the part of the corset that makes her look super thin in just covering her stomach you can see that there is black cloth that runs off to the side and on to her hips....this i'm afraid is just movie magic bravo and the costume designer for pulling it off so that this movie would get a ton of hype based on nothing