Larry Wachowski Takes the Red Pill


Bored of an increasingly played-out Lindsay Lohan, Us Weekly has begun fishing in more cinefile-friendly waters if one of the magazine's current top headlines is any indication. Yep, that's the rarely-spotted Larry Wachowski at right, who'd been growing more reclusive even before Speed Racer (co-directed with his brother Andy) died a flashy, colorful death at the box office.

Us Weekly placed Wachowski at LAX at the time of the paparazzi snapshot. The director has been the subject of sex change rumors for years, though relatively little has been made of Wachowski's ability to match separates until now.

· Reclusive Matrix Director Steps Out in Los Angeles [Us]


  • Mr. Blume says:

    The look might look dreadful but still in no realm next to the color scheme of Speed Racer.

  • Colander says:

    I scrolled passed this several times (sometimes I look at the picture before I read the headline) before I realized what was going on here. This could be anyone's mom/reality-tv contestant.

  • pomvox says:

    Except that her proportions look like she's out of Alice In Wonderland. How long is that torso? Larry's still got boy-hips -- t'aint no regular mom with those.

  • sporksamurai says:

    is that Adrock walking in the background?

  • Sue says:

    I thought it was Kate from Jon & Kate Plus 8.

  • Brilliant Orange says:

    It's like Steve-O doing a Meg Ryan impersonation.

  • RudolphNYC says:

    Brilliant Orange that was brilliant and terrifying me.