Golden Slumbers, Bea Arthur


There might be other TV on tonight - including the season (possibly series, given its position in Leno's future slot) finale of Chuck - but we're buying a pallet of Ben & Jerry's and watching seven hours of Golden Girls. It's only partially sentimental, as GG is straight-up better than the other options.

The Golden Girls [5 PM-12 AM, We]

Women's Entertainment celebrates Bea Arthur by showing The Golden Girls until midnight). If you want to play along like we will, print out the list of the episodes and note your favorites for future airings. Like the Beatles, we only have two Golden Girls left, so let's celebrate. Pass the Chubby Hubby.


Chuck [8 PM, NBC]

Your action-comedy-espionage fun is over for the time being as Morgan Fairchild, Bruce Boxleitner, Tony Hale, Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase guest-star in the season finale. Chuck (Zachary Levi) must save his sister (Sarah Lancaster) and her wedding from the wrath of Ted Roark (Chase). The ratings (and Subway purchases) during the finale could determine Chuck's fate on NBC.

The Hills [10 PM, MTV]

The girls (L.C., Audrina, Stephanie) show up in Hawaii during Brody's "guy-cation." Audrina attempts to seduce Brody in the Aloha State, while back in Los Angeles, Heidi's bible-loving ex-boyfriend comes to LA, igniting Spencer's wrath. While we don't love the increased screen time Stephanie has been receiving, it seems like the producers hope she can carry the show in the future. As long as she gets a crazy boyfriend and starts to act sort of sympathetic, we'll stick around.


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno [11:35 PM, NBC]

Guests: Eric Bana, baker Marjorie Johnson. It won't be as epic as Letterman coming back from heart surgery, but Leno's ratings should feel a bump given his recent illness. How will he self-deprecate? Dry humor? The over-under on swine flu jokes is five, we're taking the over.