Put a Ring On It


Beyoncé-bites-back potboiler Obsessed pulled a surprise coup yesterday, yanking the weave clear off nearest pugilistic competitor Fighting to become the undisputed multiplex champ. It's well on its way towards becoming the top grosser of all time in this late spring slot, when studios typically lay down a light manure coating in preparation for a fertile summer crop. Fighting, meanwhile, held a respectable-if-not-spectacular second with $4,460,000, and DreamWorks' The Soloist pooped out an anemic $3,200,000, which industry watchers are blaming on the a-a-a-a-a-awfully Debbie Downerish subject matter.

1. OBSESSED: $11,100,000 (new)

2. FIGHTING : $4,460,000 (new)

3. 17 AGAIN: $3,850,000 ($32,155,000)

4. THE SOLOIST: $3,200,000 (new)

5. EARTH (2009): $2,900,000 (new)

6. STATE OF PLAY : $2,080,000 ($20,313,000)

7. MONSTERS VS. ALIENS: $2,050,000 ($168,343,000)

8. FAST AND FURIOUS: $1,930,000 ($141,092,000)

9. HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE: $1,770,000 ($60,988,000)

10. CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE: $850,000 ($9,968,000 )

- THE INFORMERS: $110,000 (new)

Figures courtesy of Box Office Mojo

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