Would You Take Food From This Woman?


Friday is a night for partying, we are told, and there's no better way to get loose and crazy than with some semi-improvised ensemble comedy. If you aren't in the partying mood, though, there are plenty of shows about murder and ghosts to ensure your buzz stays harshed.

Party Down [10:30 PM, Starz]

Co-created by Rob Thomas and Paul Rudd, this at-times bittersweet tale of wannabe actors who move to LA to make it big but end up working in the catering industry delivers decent laughs (at least as many as Reno 911!). This week, nobody shows up to a Sweet 16 party for a film producer's daughter, Henry (Adam Scott) reunites with an old friend, and Ron (Ken Marino) gets advice from a some rappers. Jane Lynch (now officially in every comedy show or film) and Martin Starr round out the cast.

Kitchen Gadgets of the Future [10 PM, Food Network]

Host Jim O'Connor shows us innovative kitchen tools, including a multipurpose saute pan and a touchless trash can. For the foodies out there, this is a great opportunity to marvel over new devices that an employee at Williams-Sonoma will someday try to push on you.


Ghost Whisperer [8 PM, CBS]

Kellie Martin guest-stars this week, as a ghost haunts the cast of a soap opera visiting Grandview. After Hilary Duff's guest appearance a couple weeks ago, we weren't sure they could top her star-wattage, but beloved TV actress Martin does the trick. Hopefully, she brings some warmth to a show that feels ever so cold.

20/20 [9 PM, ABC]

This week's investigative newsing delves into the case of "Black Widow" Stacey Castor, who is accused of murdering two of her husbands and attempting to kill her daughter. Castor maintains her innocence, but we doubt 20/20 is going to use their "evenhanded justice" music to dramatize this story. No, they'll be grabbing the "presumed guilty" CD out of the library to amp up how scary this lady is. Integrity always wins.


Iron Man: Armored Adventures [7 PM, Nicktoons]

Nicktoons tones down Tony Stark's boozy, flirty edges by featuring Stark as a teenager who is forced to deal with his rich father's mysterious death. Unfortunately, as this is Nickelodeon, we doubt he'll start to develop womanizing tendencies. Also, no word on whether Terrence Howard is mad at Nickelodeon for not letting him in on their animated reindeer games.