Universal Pulls The Bioplug on Bioshock


· Bioshock, the Gore Verbinski adaptation of the blockbuster videogame, has been shut down by Universal. It was in pre-production and was about to start shooting in L.A. -- for around $160 million. Yeah, not so much. Staffers have been let go, and the project's on hold until Verbinski can figure out a way to bring that number down. We know! He can replace himself with Uwe Boll.

· The mystery of the ulta-mysterious, super-secret Sharon Stone civil lawsuit has finally been solved: Turns out it was just a boring legal fee dispute that a judge sealed by mistake, so let's not make a federal case out of this, OK? Because those are even more mysterious and harder to unseal.

· Jeff Wells' source tells him Funny People could win Judd Apatow his first Oscar, but that it might have a marketing problem because it's about celebrities. And Jeff thinks that's a stupid attitude! But not his source's stupid attitude. It's just the attitude (that's stupid). Just so we're clear.

· AICN, meanwhile, has two early reviews of Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones. One loves it, one doesn't. Yeah, sorry: Heaven, raped teens, Susan Sarandon. It's gonna suck. But maybe in a Bad Movies We Love way.

· A glimpse at The Dana Carvey Show's writing credits is kind of the inverse experience of looking at this Vanity Fair cover.

· Four words: Liev Schreiber in drag. Have a great weekend, everyone.